Replace or Repair...that is the question


When you live everyday with faulty windows you somehow just get used to the annoyance. A customer told us that she once went 2 years without being able to open her kitchen window because the crank was broken. When she called Dave to fix it, it literally took him 5 minutes and it was good as new. 5 minutes. She suffered 2 years stuck in a kitchen with stinky fried fish smell, boiled egg smell, and (the worst) burnt popcorn smell because she thought the process of repairing or replacing the window would be too costly and too time consuming to deal with. She said she was almost embarrassed when she got the invoice because the cost was so minimal. Because I don't want you to suffer the perils of an un-aired kitchen like her, just call Dave. If your windows are too crazy bad to be repaired then, lucky you, you get brand spanking new ones. Dave works with all of the industry leading window factories in the US so you will be spoiled with choice. Call for a free estimate. Suffer with faulty windows no more!